Numerology For The Soul Number 2

Numerology For The Soul

One of the least understood esoteric practices that millions of people embrace is called numerology. In general, it is the study of how numbers can relate to a person’s life. Used in conjunction with affirmations, Numerology is often used when people are obtaining a reading regarding their astrological sign. Others will have favorite numbers, or recurring numbers, that they ascribe some meaning to in relation to their path in life. There is a common belief that we all have a soul, this undying aspect of ourselves that will continue on after we have died. In some cases, these numbers may help us understand what type of soul we have. By understanding this, we can often make choices while we are alive that can lead us to the reason we are here. To understand what numerology is, and how it relates to your soul, let’s look at how numerology works.

Understanding The Practice Of Numerology

Numerology is simply the study of how certain numbers in your life can relate to the path you are on. There are certain numbers that are unique to each person, sometimes related to our birthdate, or simply our favorite numbers that we may see on a regular basis. As mentioned before, astrology is heavily influenced by numbers, especially on dates that are significant to our birth. We can often gain insight as to what path we are supposed to be on, and can often find guidance the numbers are used in a specific way.

What Is Your Life Path Number?

Some people assume that, prior to our incarnation in this life, that we had chosen a certain path that we would follow. Earth is widely regarded by many as a place where we can learn from different lessons we will experience, helping our soul advance throughout eternity. Your Life Path Number utilizes the date of your birth. For example, if you were born on April 2, 1976, your Life Path Number would be 11. This is derived by adding 4+2 which is 6. This will be combined with the sum total of 1+9+7+6 which gives us 23. 2+3 = 5. And finally, 6+5 = 11. Each number, similar to how our Zodiac sign can relate to our personality, attributes certain characteristics to the person that we are. Likewise, these numbers can also help us understand our eternal soul, specifically the path that our soul prior to birth wanted us to be on. If you are number really was 11, this is one of what is called a Master Number. This means that you are a visionary, often plagued with anxiety. Once you understand this, you may start to make better sense of what life path supposed to be on, and what challenges you are destined to face.

How To Use Numerology To Find Your True Path

Since these numbers relate to both the person that you are and your eternal soul, it is assumed that they will also relate to your path. You may have been floundering for years, wondering what you are supposed to be doing, and these numbers can help you understand where you should be going with your life. Using the example from above, if you are on a life path of a master visionary plagued with anxiety, you will then want to address this challenge. By trying to resolve feelings of being anxious, this can help you make choices that will lead you to the true path of your life. Once you have this information, and you have addressed your malady, will then be able to move forward at lightning speed. Take part during your morning with the 5am Cluband in the evening with your soul mate on long walks. Your path will become more clear, the path that was defined by your eternal soul, revealed by simply calculating your Life Path Number.

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Although numerology is considered by many people to be nothing more than an esoteric practice, there are many that live by the numbers in their life. They may have very unique experiences that will be much more than coincidence, especially when recurring numbers show up at the most opportune times. Based on this information, you may want to consider having your Life Path Number calculated for you. It will help you understand why you are here, and perhaps where you are supposed to be going, all of which is related to your soul and your purpose.