Writing Slant Board Benefits Everybody Out There Should Know About

A slant board for writing is a board that is mostly used to help children write comfortably. This is because of the fact that this board can help prevent slouching which can negatively affect a child’s handwriting. Doing work on a writing slant board has several benefits including:

Promotes good wrist positioning
Good wrist positioning is very important as it will help a child write neatly. A slanting board for writing can help kids grasp a pencil properly and allow him or her to move their elbow and wrist in a fluid motion. With a writing slant board, the wrist will be in an extended or up-bent position.

Positioning the wrist on a slanted surface will make the forearm manipulate the pencil hence giving more motor control in moving the pencil to form letters. Motor control is very important in handwriting as it forms letters appropriately, helps to stop on lines and helps with writing speed.

Improves paper stability
Most of the children usually have trouble writing while their paper is floating on their desk or any other writing surface. This makes them use their non-dominant hand to prevent the paper from floating from their grasp.

A slanted writing board has a clip that ensures that the paper the child is writing on lies flat. This will help a child focus on the task at hand instead of having to focus on preventing the paper from floating.

Helps a child assume an upright posture when writing
Putting the paper a child is writing on at an angled surface brings the pencil and paper close to a child. This can enable a child to assume a proper posture hence helping with breathing and allow a child to become more alert.

A writing slanting board will make a child raise his or her head and neck up into a better position. A child should sit at a 90-degree angle behind his or her desk and have feet planted firmly on the ground, knees bent at a comfortable angle and have the torso at a 90 degrees position.

Apart from ensuring that a child assumes an upright posture, a slanted writing board will also decrease eye strain as the child can see everything without having to slouch.

Visual Edge Slant Board

Improves a child’s handwriting
A good writing slant board can help a child improve his or her handwriting as it provides a good surface for writing and enables students to build inner core muscles. Keep in mind that writing is an art that needs to be developed early on.

Therefore, learning good habits can allow a child to have neat and legible handwriting. Unfortunately, many people out there don’t know the benefits of using a slant board for writing.

Apart from helping children have good handwriting, the boards can also improve their postures while helping them position their wrists and feet at proper angles. Using this writing tools can be very beneficial in the long terms as it promotes good health, improves mood and increases productivity.