André Lemos Poster for sale!

This 2 color 18×24 poster was designed by André Lemos and printed by me. It is on 100lb cougar recycled white. Only 20 dollars which includes shipping.

November 27th at MEME/RGRS in Denton, Tx

This is the first art exhibition in a new series that I’m curating. The focus of the exhibition series are artists from Portugal who are a part of the Chili com Carne art collective and to show case them in the independent galleries in Denton, Tx.. Many of the exhibitions will be drawing and book based. If you have any questions please contact me at nvdhill [at]

What’s happening in the shop?


These picks are from my shop. I was striving to do my largest print ever, 18×24. Until now I had stayed away from doing larger posters but I  have fallen in love with size. Here is the first layer of the poster I’m doing for the André Lemos art Exhibition. I also had to get out the clamps and pull it by hand which I have not done in years but it feels great. Excited to see how this comes out. Thanks, Cristina for the help.

Screen Print

No Logo Skate Decks

So after my angry rant from the last post about skating here is what I promised. These decks pictured are printed by me and then transferred to a 34″ long skate deck. All of my boards will have no logo or brand associations. Also they will all be screen-printed by me. I got the package yesterday morning, I sold one 10 hours later. So I will not be putting the remaining one in the shop in hopes of selling soon. I will be printing all week and this is my first project. I will be doing 10 boards with one design. Maybe 2 if I feel like it.

One is already sold.


This is a mixed media piece that was probably on of the larger drawings that I have done. I spent several months on it. Now it is nowhere to be found. Sorry for the bad pic it is the only one.

Portuguese Invasion!

I’m proud to announce a new series of art exhibitions that will take place among the DIY art galleries of Denton, Tx. The name of the series is Chili Com Carne Tex not Mex. The first installment will take place at the Meme gallery on November 27th of 2010. It will feature the work of the Portuguese artist André Lemos who has been a long time artist, comics author and independent publisher. He has only showed outside of his home country once before. At the exhibition he will show a number of collages and drawings as well as have some of his artist zines that he hand makes. Checkout his artist zine publishing label at Bands TBA for the show. For a look at his work go to The next exhibition will be at the Tex gallery in February.

Tune in tonight!

Tuesday Night from 8 to 10 pm cmt. Sarah Alexander and I will be hosting Tiger Dick Radio. Tune In! Special Guest Tonight!

Mixed MEdia on panel

This is a piece I did for the Art Prostitute Anniversary Show that happened several years ago. I could not make it to the opening so I went to go see it along with the rest of the pieces from several other artists that I think of as my friends and peers. Ended up not being on the wall. So here it is the name of the piece:   I HATE YOU.  Please do not take it literally.

New Posters Available in the Shop!

Zanzibar Snails@Dallas Festival of Modern Music

Following the early evening 7pm performance at Lakewood United Methodist, (featuring Pierre Boulez’s rarely performed masterwork Le Marteau sans Maître, for soprano, flute, viola, guitar, and percussion), Zanzibar Snails play the after-show at Good Records.

Zanzibar wil be performing two very different sets, with the fi…rst kicking off at 9:30pm.

With a lineup featuring Sarah Alexander, Stephen Lucas and Nicholas Cabrera, expect a potent dose of the unexpected. (Chamy wrote this)

Photo taken by Allison Smith

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