Bitcoin Documentary For Cryptocurrency Beginners

Have you seen any good Bitcoin documentaries? If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, you would find one to be quite interesting. I was just reading the latest of what both Warren Buffer and Mark Cuban have to say about Bitcoin. On top of that, I was just watching a bitcoin documentary the other day on the history of cryptocurrency. Do you know who founded Bitcoin?

You might not have thought to look it up before. I certainly didn’t, until the other day. What I found out was astonishing. The founder of Bitcoin,¬†Satoshi Nakamoto, is a bit of a mystery. He has a name alright, but no one knows exactly who he is for sure. He is supposed to be from Japan. At one point, his identity and not just his name was leaked, but there was a huge controversy.

A Documentary For Bitcoin Movie Enthusiasts

Part of the controversy was that many people said that the guy claiming to be the founder of Bitcoin was lying. Ask yourself this question: Why is it so important that the founder of this particular cryptocurrency be kept a secret? If you think about it, people invent things all the time, and there are plenty of prominent, wealthy people in the world. Sure, they often live secret lives, but they don’t have secret identities.

Bitcoin Documentary NetflixKnowing the name of a person is different than knowing who that person is for sure. The face behind the name of the person who founded Bitcoin remains a secret to this day. Now I bet you are really interested in seeing what a Bitcoin documentary has to say. It would be interesting for sure, and it will also be interesting to see what information is discovered in the future.

The man who stepped out as the founder of Bitcoin was supposed to do something to prove his identity. What was he supposed to do? He said himself that he was going to send a transfer from one of the earliest block chains. When it came time to do it, he decided not to, and that decision naturally led to further speculation that the man was lying. Is he a fraud?

Well, sources do point to the fact that he really didn’t make life easy for himself when he came out publicly as the Bitcoin founder. Still, that doesn’t prove that he was telling the truth. It is really unfortunate that investigators and journalists can’t get to the bottom of the matter when it comes to the creator of Bitcoin. One of these days they might and the answer will likely be included in a new bitcoin documentary.

You don’t need to know the founder of Bitcoin to enjoy watching a documentary about the cryptocurrency though. There are all kinds of great facts to learn about, especially if you are interested in mining Bitcoin. I told you I have found researching the opportunity over the years quite interesting, and so I know quite a lot about the subject. So does Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder, but who that is, nobody knows. Maybe one day we will, but we will have to wait and see.