Nevada Hill is a internationally known artist/illustrator/screen printer that lives and works in Denton, Tx.

He has recently acquired the position of Creative Designer/ Production Manager of Good Records Recordings. He has been commissioned to do posters with AEG Live, AT&T Performing Art Center, Granada Theater, and Parade of Flesh. He also does design and illustration with such Bands/artists as: The Polyphonic Spree, Baptist Generals, New Fumes,  Josh Pearson, Terminator 2,  and Dust Congress. Hill also works as a Sculpture assistant at Brad Oldham international.

Solo Exhibitions

2013 Public Trust Gallery, Dallas, Tx USA

2011  Meme Gallery ,Denton, Tx, USA

2010  Clean Feed Records, Lisboa, Portugal, EU

2007 Anti Mart, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2006 Counter Culture, Dallas, Texas, USA

2006 Art Prostitute, Denton, Texas, USA

Group Exhibitions

2013 White Space, Dallas Texas, USA

2012 Futuro Primitivo (touring Exhibit from Europe to Texas)

Phantom Hand Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Black Cloud Gallery, Chicago IL, USA

2011 Phantom Hand Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Meme Gallery, Denton, Tx, USA

2009 Webb Gallery, Waxahachie, Tx, USA

2006 Cedars Open Gallery Tour, Dallas Tx, USA

2005 Contential Lofts, Dallas, Tx, USA

Selected Publications

2011 Futuro Primitivo, MMMMNNNRRRGG publications, Lisboa, Portugal

2009 Excessive Force, edited by Edd Baldry, published by Last Hours Resistance

Massive, published by Hülülülü and Chili Com Carne

Creative Grab Bag by Ethan Bodnar, published by How books

2007 Jeremyville Sessions, published by Idn Pro

2006 Art Prostitute 8

2005 Art Prostitute 6