Bludded is Playing with PrizeHog on May 13th!

John Wiese at the Crown and Harp in Dallas on April 2nd


Come on Come all. Starts at 5 first band goes on at 6.

Poster for Bludded Head’s show on Janurary 24th

I designed this after Peter Saville’s original Factory posters. I did this because all the bands on this bill sound different but have the same characteristics. Much like the original factory records groups. I’m not attempting plagiarism or trying to claim Peter’s classic style as my own. Just excited that there are a solid group of bands that are doing their own thing in DFW.

Poster for a multiple benefit show on the 16th of December

VAZ/Bludded Head show

The return of Bludded Head!

Peter and Erin

A year or two ago I had created a poster for the canadian noise band called Aids Wolf. At this time I was living in Denton and working out of my garage. My friends Peter saw the poster and loved it. He had the idea though to create a portrait with the same aesthetic but him and his long term girlfriend Erin would pose for it, he would pay me, it was for their 12th anniversary. Fast forward to present day, I finally finished it. It is difficult creating a piece for some friends that you hold dear (I love Peter and Erin very much). The final piece is 18×24 and will be 3 screens.

Peter and Erin

Cancer of Comix

Steely Dan

Scott Newton and I designed this poster for AEG Live. It is not available for sale.

3 colors, 18″x18″

Cancer Comix

hi this is the first installment to Cancer comix. This is called Phone Tumor. It is about me waiting on the phone and I turn into a Tumor.

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